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Discovering Our Gourmet Restaurant with Chef Daniel Leyendecker

Discovering Our Gourmet Restaurant with Chef Daniel Leyendecker

Close your eyes and picture yourself on a terrace, in the heart of an idyllic setting. You are at the center of a scene that depicts a panoramic view of Lake Annecy and the Bauges mountains. You're savoring a delicate and refined dish. Each bite sends shivers across your taste buds and awakens your senses. You can open your eyes now. You are indeed at the gourmet restaurant of the Beau Site Talloires Hotel, enjoying an exceptional dish infused with seasonal and regional flavors. The secret of its preparation cannot be revealed, but let us trace its journey, for before being presented right in front of you, the dishes from the restaurant go through many stages…

Step #1: The Inspiration of an Experienced Chef

It all starts in the mind of Daniel Leyendecker, our Executive Chef. Originally from Alsace, he earned his culinary certifications at a hotel school in Nancy. For 8 years, he has been the one who designs the menus and prepares the meals served at the Beau Site Talloires Hotel's gourmet restaurant. He loves the region, the setting, and most of all, his freedom. Because if there's one thing that keeps him here, it's the ability to imagine and create dishes: a carte blanche given to his creativity.
While many chefs first draft their recipes on paper, for Daniel, it's more about the feeling. He prepares and mixes them in his head, thinks about the presentation and aesthetics. His inspirations come from books, past experiences, and the environment that surrounds him.
After 15 years in the culinary field, the chef brilliantly combines flavors while using regional products: génépi, flowers, cheeses, meats, fish… The list of ingredients to explore is endless. What really matters to him is the use of fresh and seasonal products.

Step #2: In the Dining Room and Kitchen, a Team that Covers every aspect.

Once the basket is full, the plates do not fill themselves!
Although our chef is exceptionally talented, a restaurant operates as a team. In Daniel Leyendecker's brigade, trust and talent prevail. With Blandine, his sous-chef, a team for appetizers, and a team for hot dishes, the organization is perfectly tuned. The proof is in your plate! And while the sweet touch of the meal is entrusted to Boris, the Pastry Chef, everyone works in harmony to offer exceptional quality.
Next, the dining room team takes turn to serve you the delicious dishes prepared. Want to pair your meal with a fine glass of wine? Our servers will draw from a great vintage carefully preserved in the Beau Site Talloires Hotel's restaurant cellar to enhance the flavors of your dishes and your tasting moment.

Step #3: We Fill the Room, the Terrace… and Your Plates!

Now that you know some of the restaurant's secrets, don't hesitate to book your table!
The chef and his brigade welcome you to the Beau Site Hotel in Talloires to give you a unique experience.
The restaurant is open:
- During the week, in the evenings only;
- On weekends, at noon and in the evening.
Every evening from Monday to Thursday, you can find a market menu composed of the day's freshest market selections. Each time, it's like a surprise, which is always delightful: if a delicious opportunity presents itself, you can be sure it will be on the menu!
Depending on the season, the restaurant's menu is renewed: spring, summer, and autumn menus take turns to surprise you. In addition to the traditional cuisine of its Beau Site menu, every Sunday at noon, you can share a delicious moment around a most delicious brunch. Sharing platters, charcuterie and cheese boards, pastries, viennoiseries, hot dishes… There’s everything you can think of, you just have to enjoy!
And for those with a taste for the finer things, currently, the chef delights in working with asparagus, mushrooms, rhubarb, apples, and pears… A treat for connoisseurs!
Our ultimate way of saying – if it wasn't already clear – that you will undoubtedly be charmed by our restaurant! Your next dining destination with family or friends..?"
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