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Discover the current Art exhibitions at the Beau-Site Talloires Hotel.

Aurelle Richard exhibition

The work of a talented new artist on exhibition at our hotel! Aurelle Richard has been a painter for 15 years and uses her artworks to explore colourful scenes dominated by shadow and light. Join us in falling under the spell of these captivating pieces.

Exhibition open until 7 November 2021

Discover other creations

Joël Burger exhibition

Born in Champagne-Ardenne in 1953, Joël Burger is an Annecy-based French painter.
His work is inspired by Gustav Klimt, Matisse and Nicolas de Staël, and embodies the spirit of nature, often depicting the vibration of its elements. Now retired, he is able to spend all his time on art, his greatest passion.

Open until 17 July 2021, come and discover an exhibition of his paintings at the Beau Site Hotel.

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