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Behind the Doors of B.Spa

Behind the Doors of B.Spa


Well-being at B.Spa: Relaxation and Pleasure Guaranteed!

Founded 3 years ago, B.Spa is a sanctuary of peace designed relaxation. Our Spa includes a hammam, a sauna, and an indoor pool equipped with 4 balneotherapy stations as well as a swimming lane.

After your wellness journey, you can cool off with our invigorating ice fountain or relax with a hot drink in the herbal tea area, all while enjoying a panoramic view of the hotel park, the lake, and the mountains. 
Looking for a treatment ? Let yourself be indulged by the expert hands of our practitioners! Today, we were eager to share more about the B.Spa team...


A Team of passionate professionals

Lauriane, the manager of B.Spa, has been a central figure at the establishment since its inauguration 3 years ago.
After her initial foray into physiotherapy and aesthetics studies, Lauriane decided to follow her heart and dedicate herself to her real passion: facial and body treatments. Following her general economics and social baccalaureate, she pursued a one-year beauty therapy certificate program.
Keen to expand her expertise, Lauriane furthered her education with a specialized management course in aesthetic studies, during which she developed a passion for biology to gain a deeper understanding of the human body's muscles and bones.
It's clear that Lauriane has a lot of knowledge about the human body, which is exactly why this drives her desire to provide targeted care for every ailment.
Today, as the manager of B.Spa at the hotel, Lauriane leads a small team of two practitioners, Coline and Marine. She devotes herself to the full range of care and massages, ensuring each client receives the best attention. Lauriane has truly found her place in the B.Spa environment, becoming an essential part of the Beau Site experience. Our clients are consistently delighted with her services, and we are proud to have her as a part of our team.
We would like to remind you that B.Spa is not only open to guests of the Beau Site but also to external clients who are looking for a moment of relaxation and well-being.

Our Wellness Massages

At B.Spa, we have selected two well-known brands for their commitment to nature and the environment to provide our treatments: SNÖ Eternelle and Estime & Sens. Experience the unique benefits of our signature massages at B.Spa!
Our detox massage is perfect for stimulating your lymphatic system and eliminating accumulated toxins, promoting a feeling of inner lightness and providing deep relaxation for maximum rejuvenation—ideal for countering the current heatwave.
For sports enthusiasts, our sports massage is designed to relieve muscle strains that comes with physical activity. The targeted techniques provide relief from tension and help with swift recovery.
Our custom massage allows you to select the specific areas you want to focus on, whether to relieve localized pain or to relax tense areas. Our practitioners will tailor the massage to suit your individual needs, ensuring a personalized experience that caters to your wishes.

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 Lauriane’s Advice

Remember to take care of yourself. The body sends out signals when it's exhausted or overstressed, and it's crucial to heed these signs.
Often, the back is where we find the most discomfort, giving rise to the phrase 'carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.' Our bodies don’t lie, and it is here that we tend to accumulate the most tension in the form of muscular knots.
Lauriane particularly enjoys performing back massages and takes great satisfaction in helping to release these knots, seeing her clients leave feeling relieved and relaxed.
Additionally, she has a well-being tip: Lauriane is particularly fond of Wintergreen essential oil, known for its anti-inflammatory and circulatory properties, which enhance the effectiveness and pleasure of her massages.
For the optimal experience, Lauriane suggests scheduling a massage that lasts one hour and fifteen minutes, to provide enough time for a complete release. Taking care of oneself is particularly essential, yet it’s often neglected in our busy lives.
How about you? Do you regularly take the time to nurture your body and spirit?
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