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The history

A hosting and cultural location for over a century

The Beau-Site Talloires Hotel has a long and charming story to tell

Beau-Site is the original name of the establishment, dating back to the year 1875. Constructed to be the house of a wealthy family, the main building was at the time bordered by a vineyard going down to the shores of the lake, as well as vegetable gardens cultivated to satisfy the needs of the Rogès family. Since 1900, the estate has been transformed into a guesthouse, one of the first in the village of Talloires. After the union between Louise Rogès & Félix Conan, the estate became a proper Hotel and has been operated by the Conan family until… 2015.
The new operating landlords of the Hotel, Corinne & François Debuquoy, are no strangers to the background story of the Beau-Site. Before adopting it indefinitely, they have journeyed here with their family on several occasions.

Stage for cultural richness

During the 20th century, the Hotel has accommodated several celebrities of the Arts and Letters world: journalists, painters, movie actors or writers such as the prolific author André Theuriet which has given his name to the street where the Beau-Site is located. They all came to unwind and find the inspiration on the shores of the lake in Talloires, enjoying the relaxing environment of the Beau-Site Hotel. And this tradition continues to thrive. The establishment hosts author reunions during the book festival of Talloires, a national literary event taking place each year by the end of May.

The style of the establishment has kept its spirit throughout decades

In regards to the architecture, the main building has been progressively adapted to host families and regular visitors, always increasing in number. A terrace has been added to the Hotel, followed by a 2nd and 3rd floor, keeping the original style of the establishment.

The heart of the Beau-Site is beating within the main building and brings life to the establishment thanks to the welcoming desk, the restaurant, the lounge bar and its 19 rooms. The recent renovations have been accomplished whilst preserving the spirit and style of the location.

The annex building ‘’La Tournette’’ has been named after the highest peak (2 351 m) of the mountains surrounding the Annecy lake and its construction can be dated back to the 18th century, the year 1708 to be precise, the engraved date still visible on the rock toping the front door. This building is typical of Talloires and has been acquired by the Beau-Site landlords in the middle of the 20th century. The Tournette now proudly hosts 13 out of the 32 rooms of the Beau-Site Hotel.

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